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Unveiling Mallorcan Sobrasada

A Culinary Journey Through a Unique Spanish Sausage

Mallorcan sobrasada, also known as sobrasada de Mallorca, is a typical raw and cured sausage from the Balearic Islands, Spain. Made with Mallorcan black pig meat, sobrasada has become a symbol of the island’s gastronomy, captivating palates around the world.

What cuts of pork are used to make sobrasada?

Unlike other similar preparations that use less noble parts of the pig, high-quality Mallorcan sobrasada is characterized by the exclusive use of noble cuts, such as jowl, loin, and belly. This meticulous selection of ingredients guarantees exceptional flavor and texture, elevating sobrasada to a superior level.

What Types of Sobrasada Exist?

Sobrasada, a sausage deeply rooted in our gastronomic culture, hides a universe of flavors and varieties that make it a true culinary gem. Beyond the classic distinction between spicy and sweet, this delicacy comes in different shapes and textures, each with its own personality.

On this journey through the exciting world of sobrasada, we will guide you through its main types, revealing the secrets behind each one.

sobrasada mallorquina

1. Longaniza: The Fine and Versatile

Made with lean pork, bacon, paprika, pepper, and salt, longaniza is characterized by its elongated and thin shape, similar to a crescent moon. Its maturation process is relatively short, around a month, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a milder and fresher flavor.

2. Curly and Semi-Curly Sobrasada: A Classic with Two Faces

Both varieties share the same base of ingredients but differ in their size and curing time. Curly sobrasada, more robust and weighing up to 800 grams, matures for two or three months, acquiring a more intense and profound flavor. Meanwhile, semi-curly sobrasada, smaller (around 400 grams), has a similar maturation period but offers a more balanced and light flavor.

3. Culana: Tough Skin, Intense Flavor

Culana, made with portions of the rectum, stands out for its thick and resistant skin. Weighing between 2 and 3 kilograms, it requires a three-month maturation process. The final result is a sobrasada with intense flavor and firm texture, perfect for the most demanding palates.

4. Bufeta: Round and Full of Flavor

Using the pig’s bladder, bufeta produces a round piece of significant size, weighing between 2 and 3 kilograms. Its maturation, lasting for six months, gives it a characteristic flavor and compact texture.

5. Poltrú: The Giant of Sobrasada

Poltrú, made from the pig’s blind gut, is the largest version of sobrasada, with pieces weighing up to 4 kilograms. Its double tying and extensive maturation period, up to six months, result in a sobrasada with intense flavor and firm texture, ideal for lovers of strong gastronomic experiences.

The Tradition of Pig Slaughtering

The production of Mallorcan sobrasada is deeply rooted in the tradition of pig slaughtering in the Mallorcan countryside. A family and community event where all parts of the animal were used to make various products, including sobrasada. Pig slaughter rice, made with meatballs from the animal itself and pork broth, is one of the most typical dishes of the slaughter in Mallorca.

matanza cerdo mallorcaviaje gastronomico organizado

Key Ingredient: Tap de Cortí Paprika

An essential ingredient for good Mallorcan sobrasada is Tap de Cortí paprika with its own Designation of Origin (DOP). Tap de Cortí paprika, grown on the island, provides an intense red color and a subtle sweetness characteristic of this pepper. In addition to having a high content of vitamin C with great antioxidant value, which favors the preservation of sobrasada.

tap de corti

Important Steps to Achieve the Best Sobrasada

The production of Mallorcan sobrasada requires careful mixing of ingredients. The ground meat is mixed with paprika, salt, black pepper, and spices to taste. It is important to mix the resulting paste well to prevent the formation of lumps, ensuring a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Natural drying, carried out in traditional drying rooms, allows sobrasada to mature slowly, developing its unique aroma and flavor.

sobrasada cerdo mallorca viaje gastronomico organizado

Pig Slaughter with Epicure Society

In November, Epicure Society invites you to participate in a unique event: pig slaughter and the production of our own sobrasadas. A unique experience where you can learn about traditional techniques, collaborate in the production of this emblematic product, and enjoy an unforgettable weekend in the Mallorcan countryside. An experience only for gastronomy lovers.

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matanza cerdo mallorca viaje gastronomico organizado

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