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Live like a local experience Barcelona

Exclusive Gastronomic Experiences

Availability all year long

Off the tourist circuit


Private expert guide and chef

4 hours duration aprox.

Food & drinks included

Tour highlights

  • Guided visit to the market to shop for the grocery as locals do
  • Traditional tapas in the neighborhood accompanied by cava or wine
  • Cooking a paella alongside an local chef
  • Enjoying the cooked paella paired with local wines
  • Tapas, drinks and paella ingredients included
  • Private and exclusive guide and expert chef
market display with shrimps

Join our local guide to explore local markets and cook hand in hand with an local chef, your own authentic paella.

Live like a local in Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona, a city steeped in market culture, Epicure Society invites you to join us in the morning tradition: exploring local markets, handpicking ingredients for an authentic paella.

After the work’s done, let’s unwind like locals! Grab some tapas at a nearby bar, sipping wine or cava. Then, with an expert chef, turn your market finds and cook your own paella. This isn’t just a food adventure; it’s a chance to feel at home, away from the tourist circuit, in a private experience tailor-made for you.

Our experience includes food and drinks, and unlike other tours, with Epicure Society, you will savor the best tapas and cook the most delicious paella.

cooking paella


History of Paella

Paella’s roots lie in Valencia, Spain, originating in the mid-19th century as a humble farmer’s meal with rice, vegetables, rabbit, and snails. The dish evolved across regions, with the Catalan variation featuring a unique blend of land and sea ingredients, including the prized “Socarrat,” a golden crust of crispy, caramelized rice at the paella’s bottom, adding delightful texture and flavor.

While each regional variation adds a unique twist, they all share the essence of bringing people together for a communal meal. That remains at the heart of this iconic dish.

Paella has become a global favorite, celebrated for its rich history, vibrant flavors, and the communal experience it embodies.

Paella in La Blava Restaurant

The guide

Guide Diego


Experiences Manager

Diego is passionate about gastronomy and the culture of bars and tapas in Spain. With over 17 years of experience working in fine dining restaurants and 5-star hotels worldwide and after living in gastronomically vibrant cities like San Sebastian, Madrid, or London, Diego settled in Barcelona in 2016. From there, he continues to travel every month throughout Spain and Europe to stay updated on the latest culinary trends. In the city, he really likes finding those genuine local spots where he can enjoy homemade tastes, chat with the bartender about life, and feel right at home.


We have several locations in Barcelona. Depending on the clients’ preferences, the number of people attending the tour, and the availability of venues, we’ll choose one option or another. All of them are inside Barcelona, and the options include Boqueria Market, Santa Caterina, Mercat San Antoni, Ninot Market, or Mercat Concepció

Our tours are completely private, personalized, and exclusive for those who book them, as long as they are tours for a minimum of two people. If you wish to do it individually, please contact [email protected], and we will send you a proposal.

Yes, you are welcome to attend even if you are a vegetarian or have any food allergies or intolerances. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions or preferences when making your reservation, and we will ensure that our offerings cater to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and inclusive experience for all participants, accommodating various dietary requirements.

If you are unable to attend your tour reservation and you inform us with at least 72 hours’ notice, we will refund 80% of the amount. If you notify us with less than 72 hours’ notice, we will refund 50% of the amount, or we will do our best to try to find another date for the tapas tour.

The “Live Like a Local” experience in Barcelona includes a guided tour around the local market, assistance from a local guide, a drink and tapas at a local bar, all the necessary groceries for cooking paella, appetizers during the cooking session, a variety of drinks, the main course of paella, and delightful desserts.

Yes, people of all ages can attend the activity. In the case of minors, they must be accompanied by a guardian, and alcoholic beverages will not be served to them. Children under 9 years old will not be charged, although the drinks they have must be paid for separately.

What our customers say


A 100% amazing tapas tour in Barcelona. We booked the Tapas Tour experience with this company, and it couldn't have gone better. They took us to places away from the crowded tourist areas, and all the bars we visited were very special and authentic. The quality of the tapas surprised us. What we liked the most was the guide; we ended up becoming friends and exchanging phone numbers. Highly recommended. 100%

Jose Manuel

It has been a fantastic journey!!! The passion expressed by the collaborators you have chosen has been fantastic, and that generates a general sense of pleasure throughout the trip!!! THANK YOU!!!!


We booked a private tapas tour and enjoyed every moment of it. Diego took excellent care of us, and we had the opportunity to sample exquisite tapas and wine. It was so fantastic that we also scheduled a winery visit with them. They took us to a magnificent bodega where we had a memorable tour with a guided tasting paired with a delicious lunch just for us.

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