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Whether you're seeking an incentive culinary trips or aiming to foster teamwork through gastronomic experiences, or simply need the organization of your next corporate event, at Epicure Society, we handle everything to ensure absolute success on your incetives trips & meetings. Our specialty is gastronomy, and we provide unique, personalized experiences in prominent destinations with a strong culinary tradition.

Incentive trips

Surprise your teams with an unforgettable trip where gastronomy takes the spotlight.

Team experiences

Promote teambuilding among your collaborators with our culinary experiences.

Corporate events

Events where gastronomy, quality, and small details take center stage.

Trust Epicure Society to make your corporate trip a memorable and unparalleled experience for your teams.

Culinary incentive journeys

Gastronomy plays a crucial role in incentive travel, as it can create an unforgettable and meaningful experience for teams. Imagine a journey where everything revolves around gastronomy, from tastings to cooking classes with renowned chefs, experiences where you can make your own cheese or participate in harvesting and crafting your own wine.

A journey where your teams will get to know the culture, tradition, and essence of a place through its cuisine. Discovering authentic flavors and creating shared memories that will endure over time. Thus, gastronomy becomes a key factor in making incentive trips unforgettable and successful.

Customized client itinerary

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Reward your teams

Culinary experiences for teams

These culinary experiences not only provide fun and excitement but also enable teams to work together, overcome challenges, and celebrate success collectively. Nourishing the team spirit through these gastronomic adventures creates a special bond among members, fostering collaboration and mutual trust.

Foster teamwork

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Surprise your teams

You can take part in a fun team cooking contest, where each group will showcase their creativity and culinary skills to prepare a delicious dish. Swimming among tuna will allow you to have an unforgettable experience in contact with the marine nature, strengthening trust and communication among team members.

Furthermore, you can dive into the fascinating world of cocoa by transforming it into exquisite chocolate, joining forces to create a unique and delicious product. You can also experience the life of shepherds by taking care of and herding goats, preparing them for milking, and then enjoying the process of making your own cheese.

Corporate culinary Events

At Epicure Society, we are experts in creating tailor-made events to meet our clients’ needs. From exciting showcookings with renowned chefs to fun events where teams participate in making their own paella, we design unique and personalized experiences.

We take care of every detail to ensure each event is memorable. We seek exclusive venues that align with the company’s theme and requirements, creating a perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Our team takes care of the complete event organization, from planning to execution. We provide audiovisual services, transportation, catering, and everything necessary to make it a memorable occasion.

At Epicure Society, we are dedicated to excellence and passionate about crafting tailor-made gastronomic events that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our goal is to make each occasion special and unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on all participants. Trust us to make your event an absolute success.

Customized client event

Prestigious caterings & chefs

Unique locations

Excellence & quality

¿Do you want to surprise your team?

At Epicure Society, we are at your service to tailor-design the gastronomic journey or experience that will make a difference for your company.


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