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Asturias Gastronomic Paradise

Asturias Food trip

Highlights Asturias Food Tours

  • Espicha in Villaviciosa; celebration around cider
  • Cider and seafood in Gijón
  • Pravia: Afuega el Pitu and corn mills
  • Gastronomic tour in Oviedo
  • La Rula and our own anchovies
  • Descenso del Sella with cider in hand
  • Fabada and Pitu Caleya at Casa Marcial, with ** Michelin
  • Ascent to the heavens: we delve into the caves of the finest Cabrales
  • In search of the “Campanu”: river fishing
  • The lakes of Covadonga and the best Gamoneu



A food tour through Asturias is something unique, unrepeatable, and unforgettable. Asturias is not just a natural paradise; it is a gastronomic haven. We will enjoy the best cider houses in its two major cities, Oviedo and Gijón. We will visit authentic corn mills, guardians of the regional tradition around this cereal. We will explore the fantastic Afuega el Pitu. Following the cider tradition, we will partake in an “espicha” in a cider press in the most cider-centric area of Asturias, Villaviciosa.

Heading towards Lastres, where we will rest in a magnificent Hotel. We’ll visit the “Rula,” as the fish market is called in Asturias. We’ll tour a canning factory and craft our own anchovies, experiencing firsthand the intricacies of preparing anchovies, especially the delicate deboning process. A spectacular family picnic awaits us on the cliffs of the eastern Asturian coast.

Leaving the Cantabrian Sea behind, we’ll head to a spectacular hotel that will awe us with its views, making us feel like we’re in an authentic Asturian village. We’ll embark on a descent of the Sella River, or at least a portion of it, depending on our preferences. We’ll participate in the Campanu fishing, the first salmon of the season caught in Asturian rivers. We’ll accompany the best cheesemaker of Cabrales, along with his horse loaded with cheeses to cure at the highest peaks of the Picos de Europa. A spectacular hike awaits us, concluding in the cave where this delicacy is hidden.

We’ll visit Nacho Manzano at his magnificent family home, where we’ll be made to feel at Casa Marcial, with two Michelin stars, as one of the family. We’ll ascend to the spectacular lakes of Covadonga, where we’ll savor the best Gamoneu directly in the cave. Dare to join this journey that you won’t forget.

The Hotels


Artiem Asturias 5*, Cabueñes

Artiem Asturias, is a haven of elegance and well-being nestled in the natural beauty of Asturias. Its modern and cozy rooms, combined with spa and gym facilities, create a luxurious experience. This hotel offers a unique gastronomic getaway, blending sophistication with Asturian authenticity—a delight for the senses in every detail.

Palacio de Luces 5*, Lastres

A rehabilitated and recently renovated palace from the 16th century, surrounded by gardens and just two kilometers from the charming fishing village of Lastres, one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Between the Cantabrian Sea and the Picos de Europa, in a privileged natural environment, between forested areas of yews, beech trees, cherry trees, pines and hollies, it is the ideal place to break with routine, far from noise and pollution. Palacio de Luces is the place to connect with nature, find peace and enjoy unforgettable moments.

Pueblo Astur Ecoresort 5*, Cofiño

Pueblo Astur Eco Resort, a sustainable oasis amidst the lush Asturian nature, redefines conscious luxury. This eco-friendly retreat seamlessly blends traditional architecture with cutting-edge ecological practices, offering a sanctuary of tranquility. Surrounded by forests and mountains, the resort incorporates renewable energies and eco-efficient construction techniques, without compromising comfort and elegance. Its luxurious rooms harmonize with the environment, while its restaurants serve spectacular dishes crafted from locally sourced sustainable ingredients. Pueblo Astur Eco Resort is more than a luxury destination; it’s a commitment to harmony between humanity and nature.

Itinerary Asturias Food Tours

  • Asturias, “Patria Querida”
  • Taverns, cider, and seafood.


  • Dairy
  • Corn mills and Asturian thrushes with Afuega’l Pitu
  • Authentic Asturian Bean Stew
  • Preparation Frisuelos and Casadielles
  • Oviedo, capital of the Principality



  • Among Apple Trees
  • Cider Mill
  • Cider Tasting at the Cider Mill


four bottles of cider

  • Our own anchovies
  • Casa Eutimio Cannery
  • Lastres Fish Market
  • Gastronomic Festival on the Cliffs


  • Ciders and canoes, Sella River
  • Casa Marcial ** Michelin
  • Pitu Calella with Rice or stewed alone, the debate is served
  • Asturian rice pudding


  • Gamoneu, Juan Sobrecuevas
  • Visit to La Santina in Covadonga
  • Stroll around the Lakes of Covadonga
  • Fishing for “Campano”
  • Arriondas


  • Hiking route at the foot of the peaks
  • Caves with the world’s best Cabrales cheese
  • Cider tasting in the cave
  • Kid goat in front of the Naranjo de Bulnes


  • Farewell breakfast
  • Transfer to Avilés Airport



  • Pending Confirmation: 

The minimum number of spots required for the trip has not been reached yet.

  • Confirmed:

The minimum number of spots has been reached, and the trip will take place.

  • Lasts Spots available:

The expedition is confirmed, and only 2 spots are left to be fully booked.

Our gastronomic expeditions never include transportation to/from the Welcome Point. This is because some travelers prefer to arrive a few days earlier or depart a bit later after the journey, thanks to the total freedom of choice we provide.

It is very important that you do not purchase your flights or organize the rest of the trip until we confirm the journey. Until a minimum number of participants is reached, we cannot guarantee the realization of the trip.

Of course! Yes, we are a travel agency and will be delighted to help you obtain your tickets or organize private transportation from your specified location to the Welcome Point.

The trip includes all transfers and internal transportation, including the transfer to/from the nearest airport (Airport transfers included except for trips less than 3 days), necessary transportation during activities, accommodation in a single-use room with bed and breakfast, all meals and beverages enjoyed as per the itinerary, and all specified activities.

We are a gastronomic society, so throughout the entire trip, we will eat and drink very well. All our activities and the restaurants we will visit are focused on the enjoyment of all participants. We spare no expense in both the quantity and quality of products.

Of course! It doesn’t matter whether you come with your partner, family, or friends.

Our expeditions are for gastronomy enthusiasts, regardless of any other factors such as age.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] and let us know which destination you want to book. To make a reservation, you will need to make a deposit of 30% of the trip cost. Three weeks before departure, you will need to pay the remainder; otherwise, we cannot guarantee your spot.

You can make the payment for the trip through a bank transfer.

You can cancel at no cost up to 15 days before the start of the trip. In case of cancellation with less than 15 days’ notice, a 50% charge of the trip cost will be applied for administrative expenses.



A 100% amazing tapas tour in Barcelona. We booked the Tapas Tour experience with this company, and it couldn't have gone better. They took us to places away from the crowded tourist areas, and all the bars we visited were very special and authentic. The quality of the tapas surprised us. What we liked the most was the guide; we ended up becoming friends and exchanging phone numbers. Highly recommended. 100%

Jose Manuel

It has been a fantastic journey!!! The passion expressed by the collaborators you have chosen has been fantastic, and that generates a general sense of pleasure throughout the trip!!! THANK YOU!!!!


We booked a private tapas tour and enjoyed every moment of it. Diego took excellent care of us, and we had the opportunity to sample exquisite tapas and wine. It was so fantastic that we also scheduled a winery visit with them. They took us to a magnificent bodega where we had a memorable tour with a guided tasting paired with a delicious lunch just for us.

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