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Experience the essence of Epicure Society like never before through our Food Trips

Enjoy our premium Food trips and local cultural diversity in each of our destinations. An unforgettable group-organized trip where you’ll delve into the heart of the most authentic traditions and customs of the region we visit.

You’ll share this unique experience with other Epicure members who, like you, share the same passion for the gastronomy and culture of the region we explore.

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Food Trip

Food Trip to Galicia, Heroic viticulture and a maritime soul

In this journey through the interior and along the Galician coast, we will discover the finest products of this land through unique hosts who will open their homes to show us the best of what they can do. Don’t think twice and join Epicure Society to experience the most gastronomic side of Galicia.

Food Trip

Food Trip to Asturias, Culinary Paradise

Cheeses, cider, mills, preserves, seafood, the finest restaurants, and unique landscapes await us in this gift of nature called Asturias. We will meander its rivers to discover the best-kept secrets of its gastronomy while allowing ourselves to be pampered by its people.

Food Trip

Food Trip to Cadiz, Between Almadrabas and Tabancos

The province of Cádiz unfolds with a surprising diversity of landscapes and traditions. Cádiz invites us to explore a mosaic of experiences that reflect its deep identity: centennial wines, ancient fishing techniques, unique gastronomy, art, culture, marshlands, and much more. What are you waiting for to discover it?

Food Trip to Mallorca, The pig and its cured meats

Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience in Mallorca with Epicure Society: The Pig Slaughtering. Explore the ancient art of sausage-making and pork product preparation in an authentic and tradition-filled setting.  Enjoy the camaraderie, flavor, and authenticity of this exclusive gastronomic experience, where each bite tells a story of Mallorca’s rich culinary culture. Join Epicure Society and delve into the true essence of pig slaughtering on the Balearic Island!

viaje gastronomico japon

Food Trip to Japan

A unique and unforgettable journey through Japanese culture, tradition, and gastronomy awaits you. You will delve deep into their most unique customs guided by the finest artisans. Geishas, Sumo, Sake, Ninjas, Tuna, Kobe Beef, and much more await you on this unforgettable journey to the Far East.

Food trips Priorat

Food Trip to Priorat, Beyond the Wine

Join an exclusive wine tour experience in Priorat, exploring unique wineries and immersing yourself in the wine culture of the region. Share this gastronomic passion on an organized journey, staying at the charming Hotel Terra Dominicata. Ready to join this unique experience?


Food Trip to Basque Country & La Rioja, From Sierra Cantabria to San Sebastián and Gaztelugatxe

An exciting journey that starts in the finest vineyards of La Rioja, then continues northward to delve into Euskadi, a land steeped in gastronomic traditions and a millennia-old culture.

Food Trip to Catalunya, From Ebro Delta to Costa Brava

An unforgettable journey through one of the most avant-garde gastronomic regions. Balancing tradition and local culture, we will embark on a unique tour through Catalonia and its products, starting and ending in Barcelona.

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