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Caressed by the Mediterranean and combed by the Tramuntana

Mallorca: Mediterranean beauty and authenticity

Nestled in the Mediterranean and guarded by other paradises like Menorca or the Pitiusas, Mallorca assures those who visit it with biodiversity, hospitality, and a disconnection that can only be experienced on an island. Its capital, Palma, welcomes us with its imposing cathedral, its endless old town, and its vibrant social life. Spending a night in this city is well worth it before venturing to explore the treasures of its coastline and its interior.

The Tramuntana mountain range offers us such bucolic panoramas that sometimes they seem like props from a movie. Among olive and orange trees, towns like Deià, Fornalutx, Valldemossa, or Pollensa are nestled and blended into the rock of the mountains, making it appear that the mountains and the villages were created by nature to generate a perfect symbiosis between them.

The enviable photogenic nature of the island is not confined to its unique mountain range, as throughout its entire coastline, we will find idyllic coves and beaches bathed by turquoise blue waters that are a draw for anyone traveling to this place. In many of these coves, we can still observe how the fishermen’s huts embedded in the rock are still used to store their boats and prepare their seafood stews after a day of fishing, making this corner of the Balearic Islands even more unique.

In the island’s interior, in addition to the culture and architecture of towns like Manacor or Inca, we can find dotted throughout the island numerous accommodations in the form of agrotourism, which will make us not want to leave them due to their excellent gastronomic offerings, the quality of their services, and formidable facilities. But perhaps the most outstanding aspect is the hospitality of those who run them.

Culinary tourism Mallorca

Exploring flavors in every corner

The island of Mallorca is not, in terms of its size, either very large or very small. It’s the largest in Spain in terms of length, but it’s small when compared to its neighbors like Corsica or Sicily. However, we can assure you that in every square kilometer of our island, a gastronomic treasure awaits, making a stop on the path of our culinary experience truly worthwhile.

The “ensaimada” is the most sold product in Mallorca, and there must be a reason for that. Its etymology is derived from “Saïm,” which means pork lard in Mallorcan dialect, and precisely that is one of its key ingredients. Along with flour, eggs, sugar, and water, this thin, fermented dough, rolled and shaped into a spiral, is a delicacy. Making it yourself in a renowned bakery is an experience you must undertake if you’re passionate about this dessert.

Turismo gastronómico Mallorca ensaimada en un plato
Turismo gastronómico Mallorca

Among fruit trees

The land of Mallorca is full of small treasures. From a long list of products, we can highlight the Tap de corti, its PDO paprika that adds color and flavor to its cured sobrasadas. This paprika is still ground in traditional stone mills. Mallorcan almonds are another delight. There’s nothing like picking them from the tree in spring, extracting their gel that will turn into the fruit, and enjoying them with island charcuterie while gazing at the Tramuntana mountains. Its olive trees offer excellent oils, along with the opportunity to visit their oil mills. The oranges from Sóller are another great product of Mallorca’s countryside.

Flatbreads and sobrasada, a divine bite

In Mallorca, ancient wheat varieties have been preserved, along with stone mills and the determination to make good bread. It’s no wonder, then, that throughout the island’s geography, we find a multitude of preparations based on this cereal, so essential in the history of the Mediterranean. Cocas, both sweet and savory, empanadas, duquesas, or fritters are just some of the recipes we must try on our gastronomic journey.

Among their cured meats, most of which come from the Mallorcan porc negre , stand out the butifarra sausage, black fuet, camayot, and sobrasada. But above all, there’s the sobrasada, with its creamy texture and intense flavor. It’s the perfect ingredient to top off a coca or enjoy with some of their cheeses. Making your own sobrasada and savoring it months later when it’s ready is a fantastic experience. Their cheeses also deserve a stop at one of their dairies, whether made from Mallorcan red sheep or goat milk. Mallorcan cheeses are continuously improving in quality, thanks to small artisans who put all their passion and effort into this product.

Wine tourism in Mallorca is an activity that more and more people are venturing into. Excellent wines can be found not only in the Binissalem DO. Almost the entire center of the island is dotted with small wineries producing excellent quality products, well worth a visit. Participating in the grape harvest or stomping grapes are some of the experiences you can enjoy if you visit the winery during the harvest season.

Turismo gastronómico Mallorca
Turismo gastronómico Mallorca Sobrasadas

Treasures of the Sea

Surrounded by water, we can’t forget the sea and its fishing. Mallorca, naturally, holds a strong maritime tradition. Bluefin tuna, dentex, John Dory, dolphinfish, scorpionfish, cuttlefish, and lobster are just a few of the delicacies you can savor along the island’s coastline. A hearty lobster stew (caldereta de langosta) or a peix a llauna, cooked in a fishermen’s hut overlooking one of its magnificent coves, is a magical experience you won’t easily forget.

Mallorca Itinerary 


5 days / 4 nights

  • Gastronomic stroll through the old town
  • Tap de cortí, the essence of color
  • Andratx
  • Fisherman’s rice.
  • Valldemossa
  • Olive trees and oil mills
  • Port of Sóller, catch of the day
  • Stroll among orange trees
  • Mallorcan soup and Pa amb oli
  • Our own ensaimada
  • Among DO Binissalem wineries
  • Almond trees in bloom
  • Black pig
  • Our own Sobrasada
  • Island sausages
  • Caragols (snails)
  • Garage wines
  • Our own Mallorcan red sheep cheese
  • Mallorcan herbs
  • Fishing and Peix a llauna in a fishermen’s hut
Turismo gastronómico Mallorca Sobrasadas

Suggested itinerary. It’s possible that the itinerary may undergo modifications due to factors such as group size, time of year, and activity duration.

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