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Culture and tradition that will captivate you through the senses

Galicia: culinary paradise

Land of witches and legends, where Galician culture and tradition unfold their magical enchantment, and landscapes whisper ancestral secrets. In its four provinces, you will discover hidden treasures amidst the mists that caress its coastline and seem to touch the sky.

The Galicians, known for their warm hospitality, will embrace you with smiles that light up the path. Like fairy godmothers, they will guide you through cobblestone streets and paved squares, where time seems to stand still, preserving the essence of their traditions and customs.

Enchanted forests filled with secrets, rivers and waterfalls that narrate age-old stories. The dance of the wind caresses its pastures, where the colors of nature intertwine, offering you a spectacle worthy of the finest art.

Culinary tourism Galicia

Between sea and land

Galicia is a gastronomic paradise that will captivate you through the senses with an endless diversity of flavors and traditions.

From the famous pan de Cea, skillfully baked according to ancestral recipes, to heroic viticulture on the steep terraces of the Sil and Miño rivers. In the estuaries, brave shellfish harvesters risk their lives to provide us with a rich variety of crustaceans and mollusks, highly prized worldwide for their excellent quality.

Caressed by the winds of the Atlantic, we find the vineyards of Rías Baixas, where the Albariño grape has become the predominant variety of this well-known and renowned Designation of Origin.

Turismo gastronómico Galicia
Turismo gastronómico Galicia

Flavors of the interior

In the interior, at the end of October, the traditional magosto festival pays tribute to one of the most flavorful treats of the season, the chestnut.

Also in inland areas, especially in the province of Ourense, we find a delicacy characteristic of Galician cuisine: the empanada. Whether filled with octopus, tuna, scallops, or potatoes, any filling justifies a serving of this delicious dish.

Pulpo a Feira (Galician-style octopus) is one of the most recognized dishes of Galician cuisine. Without entering into the debate of whether to serve it with potatoes or not, what is clear is that it’s always drizzled with good olive oil, sweet paprika, and served on a wooden plate with toothpicks.

Cheeses and Furanchos

In addition to excellent meats, Galician livestock seduces us with a tremendous variety of cheeses, mostly made from cow’s milk, grazing in its extensive green meadows. San Simón, Tetilla, Arzua-Ulloa, or Cebrerio are examples of Galicians’ mastery in the elaboration of this product.

We must not forget the Furanchos either, private houses known by word of mouth among locals, where we can taste regional dishes and wines, generally homemade, such as Ribeiro, which is traditionally enjoyed in a cup. All of this in a unique and authentic environment.

Turismo gastronómico Galicia

Galicia Itinerary


7 days / 6 nights

  • Arrival in Santiago
  • Tapas route through the city
  • Dinner at a Furancho with Queimada ritual
  • Overnight stay in the city
  • Baking our own Pan de Cea at a unique bakery
  • Empanada tasting at a bakery
  • Lunch in Ourense
  • City tour 
  • Traditional pulpería dinner at our Rectorial accommodation
  • Visit to a cheese factory
  • Making our own cheese
  • Visit to a winery along the Sil River
  • Afternoon snack in the vineyard terraces
  • Wine pairing dinner at the Rectorial winery
  • Beekeepers for a day
  • Lunch at a Galician grill restaurant
  • Views from the Sil River viewpoints
  • Zodiac adventure, waterfalls, Godello wine, and empanada along the Miño River
  • Dinner by the shores of the Miño River
  • Visit and tasting at mussel and oyster bateas
  • Seafood feast in O Grove
  • Sunset and beach picnic
  • Artisanal fish cannery visit
  • Late morning meal experience
  • Visit to Padrón and its peppers
  • Dinner and overnight stay at a Galician Pazo
  • Lunch featuring Betanzos-style omelette
  • Tapas in A Coruña
  • Dinner at a traditional tavern with folk music
Turismo gastronómico Galicia

Please note that this suggested itinerary may undergo modifications based on factors such as group size, time of year, and activity duration.

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