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Above all, Cadiz is its people and its art

Kissed by Levante wind

In its essence, Cadiz is a symphony of nature, culture, and soulful interactions.

Its light and sunsets can’t be understood unless one visits at least once. Underneath its white villages lie endless sandy stretches, bays, and salt mines, all located in the cradle of flamenco, the Jerez wine cellars, the art of the almadraba, and fish frying. But above all, Cadiz is about its people and its art.

At the southernmost tip of Continental Europe, we find Cadiz. Tarifa, its southernmost point, serves as a bridge between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean through the strait, under the watchful gaze of Africa.

The winds shape the character of a population that seems to be imbued with a unique magic; the Gaditanos are open-hearted, welcoming, hedonistic, and filled with artistic creativity. There’s something special about this land, for it has been the birthplace of such illustrious figures as Alberti, Camarón, Manuel de Falla, Paco de Lucía, and Lola Flores, among many others of equal significance.

Cadiz offers such a diverse range of landscapes and traditions that it’s sometimes hard to believe you’re in the same province. From the thrilling horse races at sunset in Sanlúcar to La Línea de la Concepción and its unique relationship with the Rock of Gibraltar. Not forgetting the renowned wine cellars of Jerez, the salt mines of El Puerto and San Fernando, the bay of Cádiz, its varied gastronomy, the enchanting white towns of the Sierra de Grazalema, the picturesque streets of Vejer with its ventas, and, of course, its vast beaches, some as stunning as Bolonia Beach.

Culinary tourism Cadiz

Gastronomy facing Doñana

Our culinary tour through Cadiz will start on the Costa de la Luz, next to the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, with the sunsets of Doñana as a backdrop. In Sanlúcar de Barrameda, we can visit the fish market, witness the shrimp auction, and taste a Manzanilla from the same town. We will continue with a tour of the best wineries in the area, as Sanlúcar, one of the 9 locations in the Jerez region, is the only one that can produce Manzanilla. We can end the day with a tour of its magnificent taverns and bars of the region, some of which are among the best in the country.

When in Rota, we cannot miss learning to cook one of its star dishes, the Urta a la Roteña, a casserole of this rockfish that you will never forget.

Turismo gastronómico Cadiz
Turismo gastronómico Cadiz

Jerez and its wineries

Jerez, in addition to being the birthplace of flamenco, tablaos, and tabancos, is the mecca of Sherry wine. This wine is unique in the world due to its soils, vinification process, and aging system. We will discover all the secrets of this enigmatic wine and taste directly from the barrels Olorosos, Amontillados, and Palo Cortados, some of which can be up to 80 years or more in the barrel. Moreover, the wineries of Jerez have played a very significant role in history and in the relationship that Spain had with England. We cannot leave Jerez without doing the Tabancos route, bars where Sherry wines are served, usually in bulk, and where you can savor simple tapas such as cheeses and cold cuts, while enjoying an authentic flamenco show with local artists.

Turismo gastronómico Cadiz

Ascending the Guadalete​

Following the Guadalete river, the same route by which the English transported sherry casks by boat to the Bay of Cadiz, we will stop at the salt flats. There, not only will we learn the transformation process of this essential condiment for humanity, but we will also practice fishing by “despesque”, a technique that consists of collecting fish trapped in the estuaries with nets at the end of the summer. A centuries-old and sustainable practice, where excellent quality fish are also extracted.

In El Puerto de Santa María, the city of 100 palaces and another capital of the Jerez region, we cannot miss visiting one of its magnificent wineries, but not before refueling with a good breakfast at the food market with the well-known churros from Charo, who has been serving at her churro stand for over 60 years.

Aged Taverns​

t’s well worth arriving in the city of Cadiz by sea, with magnificent views of its cathedral. Cádiz is to fry-shops what the Basque Country is to its grills, and we can’t miss the opportunity to grab a cone of our favorite fried food from one of the stalls we’ll find around the city and continue walking while we enjoy it. We also can’t continue our route without stopping at one of the city’s most traditional taverns to taste its pork cracklings – the ones from Casa Manteca are sublime.

Before venturing into the interior of the province, we’ll make a stop in La Isla, specifically at the Venta de Vargas, an iconic establishment in the flamenco world. The magic can be felt as soon as you enter, but in addition to being a pilgrimage site for lovers of this art, Venta de Vargas is also a great eatery. Among its specialties are seasoned potatoes, shrimp pancakes, and oxtail stew.

Turismo gastronómico Cadiz

Iberian ham, tuna, and white towns

We will continue our gastronomic journey through this land towards the Sierra de Grazalema, but first, we will stop in Medina Sidonia, where we will learn to make their famous alfajores. Once in the sierra, we will visit its white towns, notably Ubrique and Grazalema. Once there, we will discover one of their best secrets, the Payoyo cheese. It is one of the most valued cheeses both within and outside our borders.

We will milk the Payoya goat ourselves, and then make our own cheese. An unparalleled experience in a unique setting that we will undoubtedly remember for many years.

Taking advantage of the proximity to the Sierra de Ronda in neighboring Málaga, we will travel there to learn about and taste one of the best Iberian hams. Moreover, it has the peculiarity of the pigs feeding on acorns and chestnuts during the montanera. This gives the pork a unique touch, with extra fat and slightly sweeter nuances than other hams.

We will continue our gastronomic tourism route southward, specifically to Barbate. There, we will participate in an ancient fishing technique for a unique product in the world: the Almadraba Tuna. We will embark on one of their fishing boats to witness the tuna lift firsthand. Later, back at the port, we will attend the ronqueo of the tuna, the ritual where the fish is butchered and all its parts separated, some as noble as the ham.

We will end our trip in Vejer de la Frontera, a spectacular white town perched atop a hill and with the best roadside inns.

Turismo gastronómico Cadiz

Itinerary Cadiz


6 days / 5 nights

  • Horse Races
  • Auction at the fish market
  • Sunset over Doñana and dinner on the beach
  • Urta a la Roteña
  • Jerez Wineries
  • Tabancos Route
  • Charo’s Churros
  • Salinas of the port
  • Fishing by draining
  • Winery in the port
  • Sunset over the bay
  • Fried foods and pork cracklings
  • Visit to Venta de Vargas
  • Alfajores making in Medina Sidonia
  • Exploration of Grazalema
  • Our own Payoyo cheese Bull’s tail stew Unique Iberian hams
  • Tuna lifting (traditional fishing method)
  • Auction at the fish market Ronqueo and cutting (tuna carving ritual)
  • Tasting of the tuna’s most noble parts Vejer and its roadside inns
different pieces of tuna

Suggested itinerary. Due to factors such as group size, time of year, and duration of activities, the itinerary may be subject to changes.

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