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Let us take you on the most delicious culinary trips around Spain...

You are on the path to discovering our gastronomic destination around Spain. Gastronomy & travel from a unique and authentic perspective like you’ve never seen before. Like the chef travels on the TV Shows, You’ll get closer to the artisans who transform the finest products and raw materials, experience unique traditions, and become a part of the journey.

Our gastronomic trips around Spain are more than just a feast for the palate – they’re a cultural immersion. Engage with local communities, participate in age-old traditions, and create lasting memories as you become a part of the culinary narrative. Whether it’s crafting your own delicacies alongside seasoned chefs or sharing a meal with locals, every moment is an opportunity to connect with the soul of a destination.


A culinary paradise that will captivate you through the senses with endless diversity of flavors and traditions.

Basque Country

Culture, tradition, and character shape this ancient land, amidst vineyards, valleys, and the Cantabrian Sea. One of Europe’s most rooted culinary regions.


The culture and customs of this land are only comparable to the grandeur of its landscapes and its culinary richness. Let yourself be carried away by the echoes of Serrat’s verses, Dalí’s strokes, and Gaudí’s architecture through the purest Mediterranean.


A natural paradise where the mountains of the Cantabrian Range paint green landscapes to the Cantabrian Sea, leaving behind an abundance of culinary richness.


Beneath its white villages, endless sandy beaches, bays, and salt flats, lies the birthplace of flamenco, the wineries of Jerez, the art of ‘almadraba,’ and fried fish delicacies. But above all, Cadiz is its people and its art.

La Rioja

Rich in history and flavor, it offers a unique experience through its wines and idyllic landscapes. The generous hospitality of its people will make us want to return before we even leave.


Caressed by the Mediterranean and combed by the Tramuntana, a paradise that will captivate your senses through its exceptional sea and mountain products.


Its centenary vineyards give birth to revered wines amid medieval villages, while its cuisine, the country’s pride, celebrates authentic flavors.

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