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Discover the magic of Mediterranean gastronomy with Epicure Society, your premium culinary tourism travel agency. We are passionate about fine dining, quality produce, and culinary culture, which is why we create unforgettable experiences that ignite your senses and immerse you in the rich and rooted gastronomic heritage of the Mediterranean.

At Epicure Society, we specialize in tours that blend gastronomy, culture, and stunning landscapes. Travel alongside local producers, artisans, and chefs, and uncover the authentic essence of various regions in our country. From the sunny shores of Spain to the charming villages of Italy and the majestic vineyards of France, we take you on an extraordinary culinary journey that will satisfy your deepest culinary desires.

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About Us

Embark on an unparalleled culinary adventure and let yourself be seduced by the flavors, aromas, and colors that will tantalize your palate. Our immersive tours will allow you to get up close with the culture, the produce, and the cuisine of each location, so that you can fully savor each experience.

If you’re a lover of gastronomy and are seeking to live unique moments, join the Epicure Society and get ready to indulge your senses in an unforgettable journey through the delightful Mediterranean region. Set forth on this singular experience and uncover the culinary secrets that this incredible place has to offer!

Because the best way to get to know a country is through its cuisine.

Epicure Philosophy

Epicurus, a Greek philosopher who advocated for a life of happiness through the enjoyment of simple pleasures. For him, the key to a good life was finding joy in everyday and simple things, such as friendship, art, good food, and nature. He believed that by appreciating and valuing these small pleasures, one could attain true happiness and fulfillment of the soul.

What is culinary tourism

Gastronomic tourism is the kind that allows you to get to know the culture, tradition, and identity of a region through its cuisine. With Epicure Society, you can uncover the best-kept secrets of regions deeply rooted in culinary heritage, engaging firsthand in gastronomic activities alongside artisans, producers, hosts, and local chefs, turning your journey into an unforgettable experience.

From crafting your own cheese to brewing your own beer, participating in grape harvesting and treading during the grape harvest, learning to cook the most authentic recipes of each region, going fishing with local fishermen, gathering oysters from the sea, and much more. All of this, accompanied by the finest hosts and excellent service. You’ll stay in unique accommodations closely tied to local gastronomy and culture, such as Pazos, rural estates, palaces, and villas.

Why is culinary tourism more sustainable?

Sustainable culinary tourism offers a wide range of benefits, from cultural preservation and support for local communities to the promotion of sustainable agricultural and culinary practices. This responsible and enriching approach makes it a highly valued choice for conscious travelers who want to enjoy authentic experiences and contribute to sustainable development.

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Cultural and traditional preservation

Gastronomic tourism promotes the conservation of local culture and traditions by focusing on the authentic cuisine of each region. This prevents the loss of ancestral knowledge and techniques related to cooking and culinary culture.

Support for local producers and communities

Gastronomic tourism boosts the local economy by encouraging the purchase of food and products directly from local producers and merchants. This strengthens the local supply chain and contributes to the sustainable development of the region.

Reduction of the carbon footprint

The focus on local and seasonal ingredients reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and food distribution. Thus, sustainable culinary tourism contributes to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Descongestion of traditional tourist hubs

By offering appealing culinary experiences in lesser-known areas, gastronomic tourism eases congestion in popular tourist destinations, distributing economic benefits and protecting natural and cultural resources.

Promotion of rural tourism

Highlighting culinary richness and local products in rural areas boosts visits to small and less crowded villages and communities. This revitalizes the economy of rural areas, creating jobs and strengthening local infrastructure.

Promotion of sustainable fishing and livestock farming

Sustainable gastronomic tourism works directly with local fishermen and farmers, encouraging responsible practices in the food industry. This protects marine and terrestrial ecosystems and contributes to the conservation of species and ecological balance.

Promotion of sustainable cuisine

It also contributes to promoting sustainable culinary practices, such as the use of local and responsible ingredients, and the reduction of food waste. By valuing and preferring sustainable cuisine, a positive impact on the environment is driven, and awareness about the importance of consuming responsibly is fostered.

Why choose us

With a team of experts, we offer unique and unforgettable gastronomic experiences, from making your own cheese to becoming a beekeeper for a day, including exclusive visits to wineries and authentic tours where you will get to know local gastronomy and culture. Our customized itineraries guarantee days filled with unique activities capable of surprising everyone who entrusts themselves to us. Every detail is meticulously designed. With exceptional customer service and impeccable organization, we create lasting memories and a deep appreciation for our country’s culinary heritage. Epicure Society will take you on a gastronomic adventure like no other.


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Jose Manuel

It has been a fantastic journey!!! The passion expressed by the collaborators you have chosen has been fantastic, and that generates a general sense of pleasure throughout the trip!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Cuca & Jose

We had a great time. All the activities have been fantastic and very interesting. We have loved and been struck by seeing the excitement, passion, and enthusiasm that these people have for these jobs.Hemos estado muy a gusto en el hotel y un 10 el personal. Es por todo ello, que queremos darte las gracias por este viaje tan bien organizado.

Blanca A.

Everything was fantastic! The choice of the hotel! The activities were very interesting! The hotel staff were very friendly! Thank you very much for everything. Congratulations! We will count on you for future trips

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